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Bodhi's Favourite Things

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

I planned to write this post when Bodhi was 1 week old. Then 1 month old. Then 6 weeks. But here we are 2 months in!

So if there were two things that would have made the first couple of months postpartum easier, it would be more sleep & more time. But since I can’t give you a link for those I'll share some products and practitioners that helped us the most.

Snuggle Me Lounger: we used this lounger soo much! It’s not sleep safe (unsupervised) so we used it for some day time naps and hanging out. Bodhi still lounges in it and we’re starting to use it for tummy time now too. I ordered mine from Willow & Hudson (Use the code AMY15 to save 15%!)

Sound Machine: we have been using the Hatch every day! The sound machine is amazing and keeps other noises from waking Bodhi up. Now as soon as we turn it on just hearing it makes him start to get sleepy! It’s also a night light (with tons of colour options) that I can control from my phone. For late night feeds & changes I love using the orange tone which doesn’t wake him up at all.

Breastfeeding Essentials: Breastfeeding has gone really well for Bodhi & I, it was something I was nervous about and really hoping to be able to do. Some products that have made it go smoothly are the Aleva Naturals nipple cream (use code amy15), the Haaka to collect extra milk & Nuk bags to store it. I’ve also started pumping one bottle a day so John can help with feeds and we’re loving the Boon & Como Tomo silicone bottles bottles. I didn't want to risk breaking glass bottles but didn't love the idea of using plastic, so the silicone felt like the best option for us!

Clothes: while I loooove a good outfit (and probably bought too many) we’ve mostly just used onsies (with feet, foldover mittens & zippers that go from bottom to top), knotted gowns & diaper shirts. Most of mine are from Willow & Hudson, I love her gowns and the Mebie Baby onsies (use the code AMY15 to save 15%) and diaper shirts from H&M or Old Navy. I also love the gown I got locally from Sweet Creature.

Probiotic: Bodhi’s a gassy guy, and these probiotic drops make a big difference (we call them his poop juice) these ones also have vitamin D in them. If you’re in Thunder Bay The Supplement Store & Tim’s Whole Health have great probiotic options!

Mamaroo: We were really lucky to be lent a mamaroo swing from a friend, I’m not sure I would have splurged otherwise but now I can’t imagine not having one. Bodhi loves hanging out in the mamaroo and often naps in it while I’m working in the kitchen. It has 5 motions that are supposed to mimic being rocked.

Ubbi: This diaper pail was recommended to me my a friend instead of the Diaper Genie. It’s a little more expensive BUT you can use regular garbage bags instead of the expensive diaper genie bags, so works out cheaper over time. Also it’s steel rather than plastic and holds the smell in better.

Nail File: I couldn’t believe the little dagger nails Bodhi came out with! I love this nail file that’s suuuuper gentle and safe. I couldn’t imagine using nail clippers on his tiny fingers.

Diaper Bag: I knew I wanted a backpack diaper bag and this was the perfect gift from my mom. It even has an insulated section to keep bottles in.

Bath Essentials: Bodhi is definitely a water baby and loves his bath time. We’ve been loving using his Sleep Easy Hair & Body Wash that has lavender & chamomile to help him relax before bed. The tub my girlfriend gifted me is the best and he can just sit and chill while staying warm. After his bath we wrap him up in one of these cozy hooded towels.

Stroller: This was our major splurge but I love how light it is and that I can open and collapse it so easily and that his car seat clips into it.

Water Bottle: this one’s for me not Bodhi, but I get reeeeally thirsty breastfeeding and often only have one free hand, so even taking the cap off a bottle is tricky. These bottles are glass, cute and convenient!


I’ve been so lucky to have an incredible team supporting Bodhi & I during pregnancy and in our first couple of months. Kayla at Serenity Sleep is incredible and really helped me understand Bodhi’s sleep needs and the optimal cycles for John & I’s schedule.

When John goes back to work this fall, I also plan to have Danielle, a postpartum Doula with Serephina Doula come and help while I get back to work (I’m only taking a 3 month maternity leave and then starting up part time to prepare for my January Reset!)

When I was pregnant researching every product I needed felt so overwhelming so I hope this list helps you out! If you have any questions about any of the products I've mentioned feel free to reach out anytime. :)

Amy x


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