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I believe...

  • Eating well is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy

  • Healthy eating shouldn't be boring & losing weight shouldn't mean starving

  • Knowing what to eat is only half the battle, making it happen consistently is where the real magic happens

  • What we eat is impacted by our emotions, cravings, social lives, workplace, schedule, budget & family and these need to be taken into consideration

  • A diet should feel empowering and not restrictive, if you’re doing something and counting down the days until it’s over – spoiler alert – it’s not going to last and any progress you make will be short lived

  • In empowering my clients with the tools and knowledge they need to make changes, helping them understand the science of nutrition and setting the stage for long term success

My mission

Is to help the women I work with find space in their lives to take care of themselves and uncover the healthiest way of eating they actually enjoy. I’m not an extremist and I’m not going to yell at you for eating a cupcake, but I will help you find ways to feel organized and in control and explore the factors that may be impacting your choices.

The bottom line

Is that you’re not supposed to feel starving, bloated, exhausted, overwhelmed or deprived, and if the way you’re currently eating is making you feel any of these things - it’s time to change it up!

Nutrition by Amy

Nutrition by Amy
Nutrition with Amy | Episode 1 - Best Salad Ever!

Nutrition with Amy | Episode 1 - Best Salad Ever!

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Nutrition with Amy | EP #5 Food Synergy

Nutrition with Amy | EP #5 Food Synergy

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Nutrition with Amy | Episode 2 - Food Swaps!

Nutrition with Amy | Episode 2 - Food Swaps!

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Nutrition with Amy | EP #4 Anti-Inflamatory Foods

Nutrition with Amy | EP #4 Anti-Inflamatory Foods

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It's about time we get to know each other better.

And there is no better way to do it than a good old Cosmo-inspired-quiz

1. My favourite food is:

Berries & dark chocolate

2. I studied Nutrition in:

a. Sydney, Aus

b. Victoria, BC

c. Thunder Bay, ON

d. Whistler, BC

(but I have lived in all four)


3. The best diet is:

a. Keto

b. Paleo

c. Vegan

d. Counting Calories

e. Other:



4. The recipe I cook over and over again is:

Egg roll in a bowl

5. My guilty pleasure is:


a. Cookie dough ice cream

b. Cosmo magazine

c. The Bachelor

d. Red Wine

6. I always smile when:

I watch my puggles play

7. When I cook I:

pug polaroids.png

a. Listen to podcasts

b. Watch movies

c. Like it silent

d. Dance


8. Eating better should be:

a. Restrictive

b. Extreme

c. Overwhelming

d. Bland

e. Other

Enjoyable & sustainable


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