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Customized Meal Plans

My customized meal plans take into account your goals, dietary preferences & schedule. 

Fill out the questionnaire below and submit payment on the next page for your personalized plan! 

1 week plan $100
2 week plan $150
3 week plan $200
4 week plan $250


1. I'm looking for a:

2. Personal Information







Don't be shy!

3. Goals & Conditions

What are your main goals?

Are there are health issues or symptoms I should be aware of?

Do you experience any digestive issues? If so, do you have any known triggers?

Activity (include type, frequency, intensity & duration)

4. Dietary Preferences

Do you follow a particular diet?

Do you have any food allergies or sensitivities?

Which meal is typically the biggest for you?

Do you prefer to include snacks or stick to 3 meals?

Typical Breakfast(s) & time eaten

Do you have time to cook breakfast in the morning?

Typical Lunch(s) & time eaten

Typical Dinner(s) & time eaten

What are you favourite fruits?

What are your favourites veggies?

What are you favourite protein sources?

What are your favourite carb sources (oats, potato, rice, bread, pasta, quinoa, beans, carrots, sweet potato, etc.)

Drinks (include quantity & type/details — Water, Coffee, Pop, Juice, Tea, Alcohol, Smoothies, Other ect.)

5. Cooking & Prep

How do you feel about leftovers? If you enjoy them, how many days in a row do you eat the same meal?

When you don’t know what to eat/don’t have time what are your go tos?

Do you enjoy cooking?

Are you willing and able to commit to give 2-3 hours towards food prep each week?
Yes or No — If no, what can you give?

you're nearly there!

Do you prefer cooking each night or prepping on the weekend?

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to planning, shopping, preparing, and eating healthy food as part of your lifestyle?

Is there any other information you want Amy to know before receiving your meal plan?

One last thing...

Thank you for submitting your questionnaire - I will be in touch!

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