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commonly asked questions

  • What if I don’t have Facebook?
    Not a problem! The group has a member’s only website where you’ll be able to access all of the meal plans, check-ins & resources you need for the Reset. Some past participants have signed up for Facebook for the Reset so they can engage with the group, and deleted it after. But that's totally up to you!
  • I’ll be traveling or have social commitments, can I still do this?"
    Yes! The goal of the Reset is to set you up to eat well for life, so you’ll be provided with guidelines, templates and strategies to support your health goals while enjoying real life!
  • Who is the Reset best for?
    Anyone who wants to improve their health, relationship with food, increase their energy, lose weight or is just in a food funk and wants to add some delicious whole food recipes to their rotation.
  • How much time will I need to spend meal prepping?
    It depends on the week and how quick you are in the kitchen but typically 1-2 hours on Sunday and 30 mins a few times during the week.
  • Are the groceries expensive?
    The food costs vary depending on how stocked your kitchen is but I work hard to consider cost in all the plans I create. There are no crazy expensive superfoods or supplements & lots of ingredinets are used more than once. I also provide recommendations to keep costs down and ways to adjust the meal plans to make them fit your family's needs and budget.
  • Do I need special kitchen equipment?
    Just a blender, cutting board, knives and pots & pans!
  • I’ve tried so may things, I’m not sure this will work for me."
    I hear you! The program was created after working with hundreds of women and seeing what does and doesn’t work. It provides structure for those who prefer it but there’s lots of flexibility to make it fit your tastes & schedule. The only way you can "fail" is if you stop trying at all - but one meal out or treat is no big deal and learning how to find this balance is a huge part of this program.
  • I have food allergies, will this program work for me?"
    Yes! Most recipes have recommendations on how to make a recipe gluten, dairy or nut free and if you need help modifiying for any other allergies I'm a message away.
  • Will I have to cook separate meals for my family?
    I’ve had lots of mommas successfully complete this program and find new family favourite recipes! Of course everyone has different tastes and ideas are given for tweaks and adjustments and extra recipes are included if you want to swap one you know they won't love.
  • Can I do this if I’m vegetarian or vegan?
    There is at least one plant based recipe each week and on some recipes I give suggestions for plant based substitutions, but it will require some modifying to be vegetarian. I have a 14 day plant based Reset available that is completely vegan - check it out here!
  • Will I lose weight?
    I commonly see weight loss of 5-10lb during the Reset, I’ve also seen as much as 20lb! The amount depends on your goals, how closely you stick to the plans and where you're starting from. I also provide additional guidance for those focused on weight loss vs. those who just want to eat better without weight loss as a goal. Check out some of the testimonials below to hear more about previous participant's experiences!
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