Transformation Package



  • 90 minute initial consultation (dietary & lifestyle assessment)

  • 6 x 45 min follow-up appointments (bi-weekly)

  • Custom meal plan (optional)

  • Personalized recipe book(s)

  • Meal planning support

  • Weekly check-in & food log review

  • Custom plan with lifestyle & supplement recommendations

  • Unlimited online support between appointments

  • Optional: grocery store tour

  • In person or via video or phone


$599 + tax

(payment plan available, covered by many insurance plans including Green Shield, iA Financial, Manulife & more!)

What to expect: an action plan for change

With nutrition there is no one size fits all approach. We'll be evaluating where you're currently at, discussing where you want to be and developing a plan to get you there. Whether you're looking for weight loss, support around consistency and implementation, meal planning, learning which foods make your symptoms better or worse, improving your relationship with food, cravings or emotional eating, I'm here to help.

This package is for everyone from nutrition newbies who are looking for help getting started to nutrition experts wanting to take their health to the next level.

Typical Outline (will vary depending on your needs, goals & protocol)

1st appointment intake appointment

  • this assessment appointment is about getting to know YOU. We'll review your health history, goals, what has worked and what hasn’t, your likes and dislikes, schedule - everything that needs to be taken into account when developing an individualized, realistic and enjoyable plan!

2nd appointment goal setting & action plan

  • 1 week after initial: this is your goal setting and action plan session! A personalized dietary & lifestyle plan will be given. We’ll break down your larger goals into individual steps, discuss any potential obstacles and how to overcome them

Subsequent appointments bi-weekly vary based on your goals and needs, may include:

  • evaluating your progress and tweaking your plan to keep you moving in the direction of your goals

    education around relevant nutrition topics

  • food journal reviews

  • discussing relationship with food, cravings & emotional eating

  • meal planning session

  • working on habits and long term change

  • supplement consultation

  • exploring your specific health conditions and dietary changes to support

  • grocery store tour

Why 3 months?

Have you tried various diets before? Do you remember around week 2 or 4 when you start to lose motivation and revert back to old habits?

Well I’m here to keep that from happening! After working with hundreds of women I’ve seen the “honeymoon phase” of new diets and habits and how long it takes to make a lifestyle change. I will be right here checking in with you every week to make sure you have the motivation, tools & accountability you need to keep going and reach your goals!

Read the testimonials below to see how I have helped others.



Working with Amy has been such a positive experience. She really knows what she is talking about and has the ability to create a plan that encompasses all your goals and needs. Amy is supportive and helpful, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for some extra help achieving their nutritional goals, whatever they may be!


I can't even describe how happy I am to have been able to work with Amy. I recently finished the Transformation Package with her and it has made a huge difference in my life. Working with Amy is not just a "diet", but a life changing experience. Amy created amazing meal plans for me that were beyond helpful, convenient and delicious. Throughout the 3 months I worked with Amy, I gained a better understanding of what "healthy eating" really looks like and how to make it work with my own life. Aside from my new insight on healthy and clean eating, weight loss was definitely a perk to this package as well. Amy is beyond supportive and I never once felt judged. If you have an opportunity to work with Amy, I highly recommend reaching out her and determining which package would work best for you!


I have had the opportunity to work with Amy one on one. I went to her with specific goals in mind and walked away with so much more! I have created new habits for keeping on track with my goals. It not about a “diet” but an improved lifestyle. An added bonus - my entire family has seen an improvement to their health and we have more time to spend doing the other things we enjoy because the guess work and stress of making meals is gone!  My husband has lost 67lb to date and feels great! The sessions were worth every penny! Not just for me but for the whole family.

Sue, down 46lb

My whole life has been a struggle with weight loss. I love food, especially breads and baking! I tried many programs offered locally through the community and health care system. I was at a loss. Amy Ritchie’s name was given to me so I opened her webpage and her messages spoke to me. I sent an email to see if she might be able to help me deal with my love and challenges with food. I opted for a 3 month Transformation Package because I knew my issues with food and my health were unique to me. Amy spent time with me hearing my food likes and dislikes, while taking into consideration my health issues. She came up with weekly food plans and simple but tasty recipes that I followed using the foods I enjoy. Amy also embraced the fact that I love to bake, gave me recipes that were easy to make and ones I was excited to eat! Amy has help me understand that, “nothing is off the table.” I am thrilled that after three months I’ve lost weight that I’m confident won’t creep back on. When I was floundering, Amy was available to chat. When I felt I messed up, Amy helped me see that I was able to get right back on track at the next meal.  I feel so much more at peace in my world with myself. That’s a huge leap from where my mind was before I began this journey. It didn’t happen overnight but in a very well-planned-out path, designed just for me, at a pace that allowed me the opportunity to enjoy life along the way. I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned from Amy and I look forward to what I will continue to accomplish with the knowledge and help she has given me.

Not sure if this package is right for you? Leave your details and we can book a 15 minute discovery call where you can ask questions and we can determine if this package is the right fit for you!

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