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Meet Amy.

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As a nutritionist my passion is helping busy women reach their goals and improve their relationship with food.


The world of nutrition can be overwhelming and contradictory. I'm here to help you sort fact from fiction, implement change at a realistic pace and find the healthiest way of eating that you actually enjoy!



January 3rd, 2022


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When I signed up for the Reset I thought it was just another name for detox. I was wrong! Amy’s Reset was so much more. It taught me good habits around meal prep, shopping and cooking healthy meals, all habits I can maintain. I learned so many new recipes that I’ll continue to cook. I enjoyed the support of the Facebook group, Amy’s daily posts, and most importantly I enjoyed being in my kitchen again! I realized that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be lengthy! Last it was realistic. Amy included seasonal produce and helped it fit into people’s busy lives making sure we didn’t need to cook new meals daily. During the Reset I gained more energy, became more active and lost weight! I love the way I feel and can’t wait for another Reset!



I have had the opportunity to work with Amy one on one. I went to her with specific goals in mind and walked away with so much more! I have created new habits for keeping on track with my goals. It not about a “diet” but an improved lifestyle. An added bonus - my entire family has seen an improvement to their health and we have more time to spend doing the other things we enjoy because the guess work and stress of making meals is gone!  My husband has lost 67lb to date and feels great! The sessions were worth every penny! Not just for me but for the whole family.



I can't even describe how happy I am to have been able to work with Amy. I recently finished the Transformation Package with her and it has made a huge difference in my life. Working with Amy is not just a "diet", but a life changing experience. Amy created amazing meal plans for me that were beyond helpful, convenient and delicious. Throughout the 3 months I worked with Amy, I gained a better understanding of what "healthy eating" really looks like and how to make it work with my own life. Aside from my new insight on healthy and clean eating, weight loss was definitely a perk to this package as well. Amy is beyond supportive and I never once felt judged. If you have an opportunity to work with Amy, I highly recommend reaching out her and determining which package would work best for you!


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Real food resets
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Ready for a Reset ?

Join the hundreds of women who have lost weight, improved their energy, digestion, eating habits and relationship with food using my signature program.

The Real Food Reset includes:


4 x 7 day meal plans

Email support

Weekly check-ins

A private Facebook community

Support for emotional eating, cravings, meal prep, macros & more!


Real Food Reset

The Real Food Reset has helped hundreds of women lose weight and improve their relationship with food. Join the next challenge!

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